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Artist of the week: R.T.F.

At some point every Friday I will update the website, so if you check out the site by like 9:00 pm I should usually have posted a new artist of the week. If its not up yet, then just be sure to check back some time during the week, thank you.

For whatever reason the photo of the artist that I was going to use from thier BetaMusic page isn't loading on my computer, in fact none of them are. Why don't we just pretend I put a picture of the artist up right here, especially since you guys probably don't even care about the picture all that much. (If that's a problem, then you and I seriously need to talk about priorities.)

It's hard to put a definite stamp on what exactly R.T.F. is, each song has a different feel to it, while some may appear similar to other tracks. If you don't particulary care for the first song on the list on thier BetaMusic page go ahead and listen to some of the other ones, you might be suprised how the same band can display thier range in only a few songs. R.T.F. I would like to think has something to offer to everybody, go ahead and take a listen at